Tiger Eyes

All of my Tiger Eyes are individually done on 100+ yr old cypress wood. (although, I’ve been known to do them on canvas upon request)  I have also recently begun to use a mixed media with some of the Tiger Eyes…impressing fleur de lis, wording, and tiger paws into the art work….. They are priced according to size ~ $60-$200  The Tiger Eyes in this posting are all sold…I try to keep some in stock, but, if interested, can be made to order at any time!

Colleen painting Large Tiger Eyes Mixed Media on Canvasphoto 3 photo

Tiger Eyes (large) 2 Tiger Eye (large) 3

Tiger Eyes (large) Purple and Gold Tiger Eyes Tiger Eye - single on cypress Tiger Eyes (small)


23 responses to “Tiger Eyes

  • Clif Carroll

    Would love to purchase one of your tiger eyes love the one u did for the navey guy

  • The Old Cypress House

    Hi Cliff….just let me know what size you would like…and if you want a regular painted Tiger Eye (black and gold) or one with purple added or like the new one’s with the mixed media, like I did for the Navy guy….those are the more expensive due to the extra time and detail involved, as well as how large of a plank he picked out…Most of the boards I do are approx 4 ft long and cost $150….I can also do them on canvas…with our without the mixed media…Just let me know what you have in mind 🙂 Thanks so much, Colleen

  • Clif Carroll

    I would love a mixed media. Those are the coolest that I like! But all of your work is totally awesome! I may purchase another one for my brother after I see the one u do for me. Hope u are having a blessed week!!

  • Colleen

    Sounds great! Do you want one on a cypress plank and if so, approx what size… or do you want one on canvas? i already have two available on canvas…inwould have to make the one on cypress because i cant seem to keep them in stock…they go as soon as i make them. Just let me know what you are thinking…. thanks, Colleen

  • Annette

    Hi…I would love one for my brother who is coming in from Chicago on Christmas. The catch is that he is flying in. I would need something small enough for him to either fly out with or something we can mail to him. Any suggestions?

    • The Old Cypress House

      Hi Annette…I make Tigers eyes that start at about 2ft long…he can easily carry that on board or put in his luggage…they start at $60….all the way up to 6ft, which of course would have to be shipped….I’ve shipped my Tiger Eyes all over the US and cost is not too bad…approx $15-$25 Hope this helps 🙂

  • Bonnie Anzelmo

    Hi! I am interested in getting one of your Tiger Eyes for my husband, but we live in SC. Could you ship it?

  • Caroline Lowe

    How do you take orders for the Tiger Eyes? I would love to buy a smaller one like the first one up top or the other smaller ones.

    • The Old Cypress House

      Hi Caroline…just let me know exactly what size you would like and the color scheme…like if you want purple added to it or just the black and gold…also, if you would like it with the new textured look…prices start at about $50-60 and go up from there, depending on size and if you want it on a canvas or cypress wood….just let me know 🙂 Thanks, Colleen

  • Caroline Lowe

    Is there any way it could be done before Christmas? If so I would love to get a small one in the cypress wood with the purple striped tiger. I would also probably need to get it shipped, not sure if I’ll be down that way before then. Just let me know how to keep in touch!

  • The Old Cypress House

    Caroline, I can send you a paypal request and you can pay for it there…I just need your email address and physical address of where to ship it too…you can send me the info to my email at theoldcypresshouse@gmail.com so it’s not on the public site 🙂

    • Caroline Lowe

      Just letting you know I got the paypal email. I’m finishing up finals right now so I will pay for it later today as soon as I get home with my credit card! thanks!

  • The Old Cypress House

    Awesome…I’m wrapping him up now…he’ll go out tomorrow with another one going all the way to Michigan!! Guess we have Tiger Fans all over the country!!

  • Clif Carroll

    I would like a mixed media one with the purple added. Size about five feet. What would be the price for one like that ?

  • s sanders

    I’m interested in one approx. 4 ft., regular with purple. What would be the price?

  • sherry harper

    how long does it take to get an order. could it be ready for christmas. I would like to get one of the eye of the tiger with the fleur de lis on it. 3 1/2x 4ft with the texture on it.

    • The Old Cypress House

      Hi Sherry…I just replied to your email and then saw this one….I will check to see if I have one available at the 3 1/2-4ft size….if not, I can make one for you…but, it depends on where you live if I could have it there to you before Christmas…let me know…thanks, Colleen

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