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Color Chart

Color Chart



It’s the Chalk of the Town!

This is my first piece done with Old Town Paints and let me tell you…it’s amazing paint…I can’t wait to start my next project…If you haven’t tried this chalk style finish paint yet, you’re really missing out….The Old Cypress House is now selling all 53 colors….come check it out…. you can also order online at http://www.oldtownpaints.com/Online_Store.html 


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Hi everyone….big big news!! The Old Cypress House has just become a distributor for OLD TOWN PAINTS Chalk Style Finish….I’m super excited about this because their paint is amazing…The paint has a soft matte velvety finish, which turns to a soft subtle sheen when finished with their soft wax, for protection and durability. 

It has also been specifically created to be used in a variety of ways on many different surfaces. It can be used as a wash, regular smooth paint, or can be applied thick to create texture!!  How cool is that?

Anyone can create a masterpiece with our paint. One of the best features…. No priming or sanding is needed prior to painting! (my favorite part)

OTP Chalk Style Finish can be used on just about any surface, including wood, metal, walls, floors and fabrics. And it mixes easily with the Clear Soft Wax or Clear Satin Finish, so you can change the final finish to get the exact look you want to achieve. The possibilities are endless!!

Old Town Paints Chalk Style Finish Paint is currently available in 53 different colors and two different sizes. We have a 32oz can for larger projects and a 4oz. sample jar for your smaller projects which is the ideal size to use for mixing in our Clear Soft Wax or Clear Satin Finish. There are also 3 different glazes for that special look you’re going for….Antique, Black, and Grey !

Old Town Paints is focused on providing high-quality service satisfaction at a price everyone can afford. 


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