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Our Industrial Coffee Table

I saw this coffee table in an ad one day and loved it…decided I could maybe make one myself…just tweak it some…I work with cypress mostly (hence the name of my company) so I knew I definitely wanted to use that for the top; instead of the pine that the table in the ad had used.  Bruce gathered up all the pipes we needed and then we got the cypress from a house being torn down that had been built in the late 1800’s. We went with the 2in thick planks to make it a really sturdy and heavy table. I painted the pipes all black and then sanded down and stained the cypress a dark walnut…finished with Old Town Paints Clear Matte Finish….I’m loving this table…you can plop your feet right up on top and it doesn’t move an inch…and it’s big enough for everyone to sit around during the game with our drinks and snacks or to have family game night! LOVE this table!

Dimensions are 29×54



IMG_2842_fotor IMG_2843_fotor IMG_2864_fotor IMG_2890_fotor IMG_2926_fotor IMG_2927_fotor IMG_2930_fotor IMG_2933_fotor IMG_2935_fotor IMG_2939_fotorIMG_2937_fotor  


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