Fleur de Lis

I absolutely LOVE Fleur de Lis!  Priced according to size and whether they are on canvas or cypress wood.

$25 – $150

Fleur de Lis on cypress (with tassel) $50

IMG_1254_fotor $35  One on the right has been SOLD

DSC_0003$40   SOLD

DSC_0005 $40

Fleur de Lis on cypress 2 $150…SOLD


2 responses to “Fleur de Lis

  • Lisa Naquin

    i would love to have the first painting (purplr & gold) on cypress wood. However, is it possible to change the colors? I see you are selling one for $40 (like 11 x 10 ?) I would want bigger- what size could I get for about $60-$70?

    I also want to order the tigers eye – small $60.

    Please let me know how to go about ordering and paying.

    Lisa Naquin

  • The Old Cypress House

    Hi Lisa…I can definitely do one on a bigger piece of wood…what dimensions are you looking for? Also, the picture you picked out has a little brass tab hanging…I can put one on your piece, but it may not be the same…they just get put on as I find them, so they are all different…and yes, I can do whatever color scheme you iike, just let me know and I can give you a price…As for the small tiger eyes, did you want a purple and gold one or a black and gold one? You can email me with all of the details at theoldcypresshouse@gmail.com And let me know where you are located so I can figure out what the shipping would be…Thanks so much, Colleen

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