Contract and Policies for Custom Work

The Old Cypress House

Custom order contract and policies

Type of furniture_______________________________________________________________

Number of pieces________________________________________________________________

Chosen Color(s)_________________________________________________________________

Do you want the inside painted___________________What color_____________________

Do you want any part of it stained and if so, what color________________________

Do you want it distressed_______________light_______Medium_______heavy__________

Do you want it glazed_______Antique_______Black_______Gray_______White__________

Do you want a stencil applied________Which one__________________________________

Knobs….painted the same color_______removed and painted a different color_______

Final Finish ~ Clear Satin Finish_________Clear Matte Finish_________Other________

Agreed upon final price $_________________________


Furniture must be clean before dropping off or will require an additional $5_______

Deposit of half of the agreed upon final price is due at drop off $________________

Amount due upon pick up $_________________________________________________________

Pick up must be within 5 days of notification of order being completed or risk being sold_______________(initial)


Customer name________________________________________________________

Phone number_________________________________________________________

Email address_________________________________________________________

Signature of customer__________________________________date of drop off__________

Signature of customer__________________________________date of pick up____________


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