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About The Old Cypress House

I paint...I love to paint...I have always painted...I like to take something old and make it new again...with paint! The Old Cypress House got started with a single plank of cypress wood given to me by my brother. I painted Tiger Eyes on it (LSU Tiger Eyes, to be exact...Geaux Tigers!). From that moment on, I couldn't do enough of them. I ventured into Fleur de Lis, Jazz guys...whatever anyone suggested. Then my husband helped tear down a cypress house that was built in 1889 and brought me home loads and loads of more wood, including the old cypress windows that were in the house...I could hardly contain my excitement! The possibilities are endless. This blog is going to showcase my work. It will mostly be on cypress...but, I'm sure I'll venture into other areas of art projects. I have so many ideas spinning around in my head. I hope you enjoy my work. If you see something you like or have an idea, please let me know...I'll be in my shop! "If you hear a voice inside of you say 'you cannot paint', by all means, paint...and that voice will be silenced" ~ Vincent Van Gogh

It’s Christmas Time at The Old Cypress House

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End Table

Wanted to try out a different look….took this outdated little end table…painted some Old Town Paints’ Green Apple, then covered it with a mix of Navy and Cast Iron….distressed it a bit to bring out the Green Apple…then finished it with OTP Black Wax….I’m loving the way it looks..

.IMG_3410_fotor IMG_3411_fotor IMG_3413_fotor IMG_3415_fotor

Mid Century Modern

How cute and retro is this little guy? Found him in an old thrift shop and thought he just needed a little something to update his “look” .  I wanted to keep some of his old charm, so I painted everything except for his face…Using Barn Red and Black wax from Old Town Paints’ new line of Shabby Chic! He’s looking pretty dapper now, don’t you think?
Dimensions are approx 2 5x 14 x 28.5 $125

IMG_2292_fotor IMG_3350_fotor IMG_3349_fotor IMG_3348_fotor IMG_3345_fotor

Our Industrial Coffee Table

I saw this coffee table in an ad one day and loved it…decided I could maybe make one myself…just tweak it some…I work with cypress mostly (hence the name of my company) so I knew I definitely wanted to use that for the top; instead of the pine that the table in the ad had used.  Bruce gathered up all the pipes we needed and then we got the cypress from a house being torn down that had been built in the late 1800’s. We went with the 2in thick planks to make it a really sturdy and heavy table. I painted the pipes all black and then sanded down and stained the cypress a dark walnut…finished with Old Town Paints Clear Matte Finish….I’m loving this table…you can plop your feet right up on top and it doesn’t move an inch…and it’s big enough for everyone to sit around during the game with our drinks and snacks or to have family game night! LOVE this table!

Dimensions are 29×54



IMG_2842_fotor IMG_2843_fotor IMG_2864_fotor IMG_2890_fotor IMG_2926_fotor IMG_2927_fotor IMG_2930_fotor IMG_2933_fotor IMG_2935_fotor IMG_2939_fotorIMG_2937_fotor  

Old Town Paints ~ Color of the Week !!!


If you haven’t tried this amazing paint yet…then what the heck are you waiting for?? Truly, it’s wonderful..

Old Town Paints has formulated a Chalk Style Finish Paint comparable to those more expensive Chalk Paint labels currently on the market.

Our Chalk Style Finish Paint has a soft matte velvety finish, which turns to a soft subtle sheen when finished with our soft wax, for protection and durability.

It has been specifically created to be used in a variety of ways on many different surfaces. It can be used as a wash, regular smooth paint, or can be applied thick to create texture.

Anyone can create a masterpiece with our paint. One of the best features…. No priming or sanding is needed prior to painting!

Well, here at The Old Cypress House, we are not only using it on all of our pieces, but, we also sell it…you can pick it up in the shop here in Prairieville, LA or you can order it online….Currently, we have 55 colors to choose from…so, every single week, we have decide to promote one of the colors…Every Sunday, a different color will be randomly chosen and for the entire week, will be 15% off!! You just can’t beat that 🙂

I know you have something that you’ve been dying to paint…come on over and pick a color and get started…I’ll show you everything you need to know to refresh that old, outdated piece of furniture! Create something beautiful with Old Town Paints today!IMG_2325_fotor

Color Chart

Color Chart


It’s the Chalk of the Town!

This is my first piece done with Old Town Paints and let me tell you…it’s amazing paint…I can’t wait to start my next project…If you haven’t tried this chalk style finish paint yet, you’re really missing out….The Old Cypress House is now selling all 53 colors….come check it out…. you can also order online at 


Image Image


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