About Me

I paint…I love to paint…I have always painted…I like to take something old and make it new again…with paint!

The Old Cypress House got started with a single plank of cypress wood given to me by my brother. I painted Tiger Eyes on it (LSU Tiger Eyes, to be exact…Geaux Tigers!). From that moment on, I couldn’t do enough of them. I ventured into Fleur de Lis, Jazz guys…whatever anyone suggested. Then I was lucky enough to receive a bunch of cypress from a cypress house that was built in 1889, including the old cypress windows that were in the house…I could hardly contain my excitement! The possibilities are endless. This blog is going to showcase my work. It will mostly be on cypress…but, I’m sure I’ll venture into other areas of art projects. I also refurbish and re-purpose furniture using General Finishes products….a chalk style or acrylic finish paint……And I do custom jobs as well, so if you have something that needs some updating or a pop of color, just let me know!  I have so many ideas spinning around in my head. I hope you enjoy my work. If you see something you like or have an idea,  or would like to have a lesson on the proper technique of using this paint, please let me know…I’ll be in my shop!

“If you hear a voice inside of you say ‘you cannot paint’, by all means, paint…and that voice will be silenced” ~ Vincent Van Gogh


18 responses to “About Me

  • jnnbourque

    Hi, I am working in Prairieville and would like to stop in the see your pieces and chat. What is the address?

  • Frankie

    One never knows what lurks around the neighborhood corner as I went about my walk one morning…..a talented neighbor and painter creative design enthusiast, Colleen. Thank you for taking the time to visit with me and show me your wonderful work. Yes! You are definitely having toooooo much fun doing this, sure this is your work? Ha! Wouldn’t everyone enjoy doing fun things at work as you do…your new neighbor friend, Frankie.

  • Brittany Burton

    Hi!! We are expecting a new member to our family the first week of November and I would love to order a birth announcement. Also, do you sell the cypress planks? I would love to purchase one to hang in her room. I have wooden letters cut out and would like to attach them to the cedar plank. Can’t wait to hear back from you.

    • The Old Cypress House

      Hi Brittany, the cypress birth announcements are $60…I would just need all of the baby’s stats…and what color you would like it to be 🙂 I do not normally sell the cypress planks by themselves as they are hard to come by. About what size would you need? I “may” have something you can use…thanks, Colleen 🙂

      • Brittany Burton

        Hey Colleen! She decided to come 4 weeks early. Riley Margaret Burton was born on 10-13-13 weighing 6lbs 11oz and 19inches long. She was born at 3:57AM. I would like it to be lavendar in color. For the cypress I am needing a piece that is 42″ by 12″ if you have something close to this you would make me the happiest person in the world! This would put the finish and touch in her room. You can email me at Brittany.Burton@Axiall.com. Very excited to hear back from you. Thanks Colleen!

  • Tom Lavender

    There is more talent in this woman than should be aloud. We have one of her (Jazz-man) planks amongs other types of art in our house, metal art, photographs, and collectables. Everyone is drawn to this Plank. It won’t be long before they are in galleries across the states I’m sure. I am thinking about the next I want for my wife. Tom in Vacaville Ca.

  • noelle

    ok so i just ran across your website while surfing the internet trying to find someone who sells chalk paints. i have only found one place in br that sells ascp but read an article of a diff paint someone used from your shop…..do you carry any of these paints in the store or just use them?

    • The Old Cypress House

      Hi Noelle….No, I do not sell any of the paint…I used Annie Sloan 99% of the time…and have been trying Maison Blanche….You can buy Annie Sloan in BR at LD Designs which is at Perkins and College or at The Nest Antiques, which is on Jones Creek….Maison Blanche can be purchased at Junk in the Trunk in Central….Hope this helps 🙂 Colleen

  • Kelli Vidrine

    I am interested in purchasing 3 of the LSU tiger eyes on your old cypress wood. Can you please give me a price on this and how long this would take you to make them.

    • The Old Cypress House

      Hi Kelli…All Tiger Eyes are done on 100 year old cypress planks…various sizes, shapes, and prices…can also be done on a canvas 🙂 Each piece is hand painted individually so no two Tiger Eyes are the same…just let me know what size you like the color…such as just black and gold, or black and gold and some purple, or just purple and gold…or any other color scheme you had in mind… 🙂 I would need a week’s notice if I had to make them from scratch…just depends on the size you want….

      Prices on Cypress planks are as followed:
      (price does not include shipping-that would be extra)

      2 ft – 3 ft = $75
      3 ft – 3 1/2 ft = $125
      3 1/2 ft – 4 ft = $150
      4 ft -4 1/2 ft = $175
      4 1/2 ft – 5 ft = $200
      5 ft – 6 ft = $225

  • Stephanie Brown

    Love your work- I’m interested in the single tiger eye piece, but wanted to see if it could be made bigger than the one posted 21×12?

  • Nikki Corrent

    I am interested in a cypress tiger eyes painting about 3ft long. Can you give me a price and estimate time that it would be ready or if u currently have any available.

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