Annie Sloan Chalk Paint vs Maison Blanche Paint Company


everyone who knows me and my work, knows that I absolutely LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…seriously, I’m in love! However….I am not opposed to trying other lines to compare…step out of my cozy little box, so to speak…I have been hearing about this new line called Maison Blanche Paint Company…it’s supposed to be just like Annie Sloan…who is the inventor of and claims to be the only true “chalk paint”…in fact, she has it copyrighted and no one else can call their paint “chalk paint”…….I decided it was time to step up to the plate and give another line a try….how can I be objective if I really don’t have a clue, right? Yesterday, I traveled to Baton Rouge ~ Central ~ to Junk in the Trunk (which if you haven’t been by, you definitely need to check out her store…and try this paint out for yourself Brittany was there and listened to me go on and on about my infatuation with miss Sloan and her line of paint…answering all of my questions and doubts about how anyone could possibly compare….She was very helpful and explained how the paints work and how the waxes and all the other accessories work with the paint, and why she chose MB over ASCP…I was a bit overwhelmed and at the same time, I wanted to buy it all…I finally cooled my jets and chose a can of Confederate Gray, with a lime wax to go on afterwards…Price?? pretty much the same as ASCP….(price varies from store to store…shop around) I raced home and immediately started painting (yes, I know…my house is already busting at the seams with all my other pieces I’m currently working on…but, hellllloooo…this was like a new piece of candy…I just couldn’t wait!! I opened up the can and dipped in my brush….here is what I thought…..The paint was VERY thick…thicker than any ASCP I have used…but, I figured, that’s ok…I’ll just add a little water…and that worked…I put on the first coat and it dried very fast…just like ASCP…For the second coat, I watered it down just a bit and it went on very smoothly and completely covered the end table…and I was loving the color! I was very anxious to test the sanding and distressing to see how that compared to ASCP…Once it was dry…like in 30 min…i just ran my hands over it to see how it felt…it felt semi smooth…not chalky like the ASCP…and there wasn’t a lot of brush strokes…which was nice…it seemed to settle in well…so I went straight to sanding it down with my fine sanding block……nothing….no chalk dust…as compared to ASCP…I look like a ghost that rolled around in chalk dust after sanding some big pieces…ASCP is a true chalk paint, therefore, when you sand, the dust goes everywhere…I keep a shop vac next to me to keep the dust down…remember when you were little and helped your teacher clap the erasers after school??? Anyway, I was a bit miffed by the lack of chalk dust…and my sanding didn’t really make it any smoother…as with ASCP, it’s like glass when you finish sanding…so, I started the distressing…it distressed nicely…not really as nice as ASCP and what I’m used to…like the paint looks like it wore down naturally after years of use…it didn’t distress like that…but, it was still good…I wasn’t completely displeased…Next…the wax….I chose Lime Wax (Maison Blanche has at least 5 different waxes, as opposed to ASCP, who only has 2..and her dark wax isn’t actually a wax..)…The wax soaks into the paint, just like ASCP does, to seal and protect…The Lime Wax though, is a white wax and actually gives the appearance of white wash…I couldn’t wait to see how it came out….ASCP wax is like vaseline…MB is harder, but, silkier if that makes sense? I used one of my thicker paint brushes and applied it in the direction of the grain of the wood….it went on very nicely and you could tell you were sort of white washing the piece…I literally already loved the way it was looking…I let it set for about 15 minutes then took a clean soft t-shirt and started buffing it out…it was awesome…the light sheen came out immediately…a little of the white wash or lime wax came off, leaving a beautiful look to the confederate gray…I was definitely sold on the wax and will be using that again! Overall?? MB has many more colors than ASCP…different…not better or worse…just more…I like them both….MB has many more choices of wax…I LOVE that….MB is not chalky like ASCP…doesn’t sand or distress the same…I like ASCP much better that way…so, I guess I like ASCP paint better than MB…but, would still use MB because its a very nice paint…and I LOVED the outcome overall…There is a LOT more accessories to MB as compared to ASCP…fun things to work with and try out….What I’m going to try next is to see how MB wax works ‘with’ ASCP….WOW…that would be an awesome duo….so, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!! Hope this helps anyone who was wondering about Maison Blanche or Annie Sloan or how they compare…feel free to ask me any questions…and like I said…check out Junk in the Trunk…Brittany can definitely give you tips and she has the entire line of Maison Blanche Paints for sale in her store..! Happy Painting….







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Mother-wife-friend-artist...I love to paint...I have always loved painting...I like to take something old and make it new again...with paint! Actually, I just like making stuff...DIY-that should be my initials! The Old Cypress House got started with a single plank of cypress wood given to me by my brother. I painted Tiger Eyes on it (LSU Tiger Eyes, to be exact...Geaux Tigers!). From that moment on, I couldn't do enough of them. I ventured into Fleur de Lis, Jazz guys...whatever anyone suggested. Then my husband helped tear down a cypress house that was built in 1889 and brought me home loads and loads of more wood, including the old cypress windows that were in the house...I could hardly contain my excitement! The possibilities are endless. This blog is going to showcase my work. It will mostly be on cypress...but, I'm sure I'll venture into other areas of art projects. I have so many ideas spinning around in my head. I hope you enjoy my work. If you see something you like or have an idea, please let me know...I'll be in my shop! "If you hear a voice inside of you say 'you cannot paint', by all means, paint...and that voice will be silenced" ~ Vincent Van Gogh View all posts by The Old Cypress House

14 responses to “Annie Sloan Chalk Paint vs Maison Blanche Paint Company

  • monica

    Did you ever try the Maison Blanch Wax over Annie sloan Paint? I am very curious about that. I also am curious about the glazes

    • The Old Cypress House

      Hi Monica….yes…I love the Maison Blanche wax…and I have used it several times over the ASCP paint (which I love better than MB) I do like ASCP wax, but, MB has a nice selection and I LOVE the Lime Wax…gives a completely different look than always using the dark wax….I just did a large bed and armoire using the lime wax…it was beautiful…looked more elegant than aged…so, the MB waxes give you options…I haven’t tried their glazes yet…

  • Courtney

    I agree with ALL your thoughts here! I feel the same about ASCP and MB. And also LOVE MB wax better. It works fabulous with both products. I agree that I like the smoother look after sanding ASCP.. something MB lacks depending on the piece. Thanks so much for your post it was helpful in confirming my own thoughts about the two. Lulu & Henry

  • Julie

    Your pieces are gorgeous! Would you let me know what you painted the handles of the confederates gray side table with? Thanks so much!

  • Janice

    I recently used MB on a french provincial dresser, along with AS. MB is definitely thicker! I loved the color! I did not distress this piece so can’t make any comparisons. I did glaze the piece and when wiping off the glaze some of MB paint came off with it! It wasn’t a huge amount and gave the piece a bit a distressed look so I don’t have to repaint but I was disappointed. I don’ t know what the cure time is but in this case it was 48 hours. Think I will stick with AS.

    • The Old Cypress House

      Janice, I agree…same thing happened to me on some furniture using MB…I am NOT a fan…although, I do love their lime wax…also, I tried to use some MB clear satin finish to seal one of my tiger eyes on cypress….took the paint right off after it had cured for a couple of days…I threw that stuff away immediately…you can imagine how upset I was to have to repaint it! I do love Annie Sloan, but, I also love the new line I now use Old Town Paints…such variety…if you haven’t tried it yet, get a sample size and give it a whirl….the paint is thick so I water it down a bit… 🙂



    • The Old Cypress House

      Hi…yes, Annie Sloan can be used outdoors…but, do NOT use the wax for your finish…a clear satin or matte finish is what you need…I haven’t used the Lacquer…I would use it if I ever did a floor….but, you can maybe use it for an outdoor door…I am mostly using Old Town Paints right now since that’s what I sell in my shop…and I did a door for someone’s pool house and I used a clear matte finish and it’s working great… 🙂

  • Yna

    Tried only Annie Sloan ordered it from It works better for me. I love it as always.

  • lovepasos

    Love your piece! Just painted my first chalk paint piece today (sleigh bed) used MB confederate gray. Trying to decide what wax to use. I bought MB O wax (supposedly new – can’t find any reviews – it’s clear), as store inventory was low and this is all they had. They’re getting shipment tomorrow, so can exchange the MB O wax for another. Which color of MB lime wax did you use, black, white or gray? Don’t think I’m going to distress, as sleigh bed is a laminate cherry finish. Thank You! Again, beautiful piece, and helpful article!

    • Jaime

      I would stay away from MB they are not a good company. The owner is very dishonest and they don’t stand behind their product. Annie Sloan is much better and a much better company.

  • Jaime

    The owner of Maison Blanche paint company is unethical and unprofessional. I would stick with Annie Sloan paints. It’s a much better company.
    They don’t stand behind their product and they are fraudulent.

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