The Old Cypress House ~ A new blog

Ok friends…Welcome to my blog! This is my first time ever doing this.  I’m a little nervous, a bit anxious, and somewhat self-conscious.  The purpose of this blog is to have a central place to post pictures of my cypress planks, old windows, refurnished furniture pieces, and whatever else I happen to paint.  The holidays are over, we are just about finished moving into our new home, and my shop is all ready for me to get back to work..And now that I have discovered this fantastic, wonderful, new line of paint ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT, I am super excited to get started!!  I started a small little end table that I will post pictures of once it’s complete…assuming it comes out good…otherwise, I will hope you’ll have forgotten that I said that!

Please be patient with this blog until I get a better understanding of how it all works…I’d really appreciate that!  🙂

An Old Cypress House

This is the old cypress house that Nick helped tear down to get me more cypress pieces…It was built in 1889


About The Old Cypress House

Mother-wife-friend-artist...I love to paint...I have always loved painting...I like to take something old and make it new again...with paint! Actually, I just like making stuff...DIY-that should be my initials! The Old Cypress House got started with a single plank of cypress wood given to me by my brother. I painted Tiger Eyes on it (LSU Tiger Eyes, to be exact...Geaux Tigers!). From that moment on, I couldn't do enough of them. I ventured into Fleur de Lis, Jazz guys...whatever anyone suggested. Then my husband helped tear down a cypress house that was built in 1889 and brought me home loads and loads of more wood, including the old cypress windows that were in the house...I could hardly contain my excitement! The possibilities are endless. This blog is going to showcase my work. It will mostly be on cypress...but, I'm sure I'll venture into other areas of art projects. I have so many ideas spinning around in my head. I hope you enjoy my work. If you see something you like or have an idea, please let me know...I'll be in my shop! "If you hear a voice inside of you say 'you cannot paint', by all means, paint...and that voice will be silenced" ~ Vincent Van Gogh View all posts by The Old Cypress House

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