General Finishes

I am super excited to announce that I am now a Certified Retailer of General Finishes!! This stuff is amazing…everything from the Milk Paint to the Gel Stains and Topcoats…everything you need to get the job done beautifully!  If you have never tried General Finishes, you’re missing out…please give it a shot and I promise, you won’t be disappointed! The Milk Paints are durable, pre-mixed acrylic paint that is formulated for interior and exterior projects. They are compatible with existing finishes, stains, and other paints and will adhere to a variety of surfaces including wood, fiberglass, PVC, primed steel, vinyl, and most composite materials. Seriously, you can’t go wrong!!


Brick and Motar

Well, it’s official!!  I signed the lease today to have my own Brick and Motar store front…I’m super excited and can’t wait to get it all fixed up and ready to open ~ sometime in early July! This is going to be a fun and exciting time for us as we step into the “real world”.  Thankfully, I am blessed enough to have the most supportive husband ever.  He’s always been right there with me, cheering me on, helping me in every way possible, and calming me down when the stress gets out of control.  I couldn’t do this without him…and I wouldn’t want to.  We are going to be very busy in the next couple of weeks with the clean up, painting, building of shelves, and moving all of our stuff in and getting it all set up for our opening….So much to do, so little time!

Opening soon….The Old Cypress House ~ at it’s new location, in Gonzales, LA.

Stay tuned for more progress as we make our way to the opening!

MIA from the website!

Yes, it’s true…I have been MIA from the website for 3 1/2 years.  And that’s just ridiculous!  However, I have been super busy with life and it’s taken over with a vengeance.  Complete garage makeover for a cute little shop, raising a teenager who is learning to drive, some health issues, a new puppy, and welcoming 2 grandchildren into the mix…well, you can imagine the lack of time I have had to keep my page updated! I feel bad, I truly do…I wish I were better at the “business” side of things…it’s just not my strong point.  I’m learning…and I’m trying to keep up…..But, I have been painting and creating and learning new tricks of the trade and new ways of making art, including homemade artisan soaps and macrame’…yep, it’s making a comeback!!  My life is very full and my plate is completely overloaded. I’m pretty sure that some of you can totally relate! Sooooooo….

My big news is that I am looking at a retail space to run The Old Cypress House from.  I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it! If all goes as planned, I will be having my open house sometime in July.  I see a very fun and exciting “Holiday Season” in the works, from pumpkins and hot cider to christmas trees and hot cocoa, with all sorts of good cheer and merriment, to boot!

My other news is that I have become an authorized retailer for General Finishes! Have you ever used this paint or stain before? Because, if not, you definitely need to…It’s so amazing…I LOVE IT and you will to! I’ve been painting everything in sight that I can find. So, if you’re looking for a good paint or stain, head on over to my shop. I’m still giving lessons on how to properly prepare, paint, and finish your piece of furniture.  And now, you can learn using General Finishes paint products 🙂

I have lots of items in the shop now…furniture, soap, macrame, General Finishes paint products…along with taking orders for custom work and kitchen and/or bathroom cabinet jobs.  Just give me a call, text, or email for more information or to stop by for a visit to my shop.




It’s Christmas Time at The Old Cypress House

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End Table

Wanted to try out a different look….took this outdated little end table…painted some Old Town Paints’ Green Apple, then covered it with a mix of Navy and Cast Iron….distressed it a bit to bring out the Green Apple…then finished it with OTP Black Wax….I’m loving the way it looks..

.IMG_3410_fotor IMG_3411_fotor IMG_3413_fotor IMG_3415_fotor

Mid Century Modern

How cute and retro is this little guy? Found him in an old thrift shop and thought he just needed a little something to update his “look” .  I wanted to keep some of his old charm, so I painted everything except for his face…Using Barn Red and Black wax from Old Town Paints’ new line of Shabby Chic! He’s looking pretty dapper now, don’t you think?
Dimensions are approx 2 5x 14 x 28.5 $125

IMG_2292_fotor IMG_3350_fotor IMG_3349_fotor IMG_3348_fotor IMG_3345_fotor

Our Industrial Coffee Table

I saw this coffee table in an ad one day and loved it…decided I could maybe make one myself…just tweak it some…I work with cypress mostly (hence the name of my company) so I knew I definitely wanted to use that for the top; instead of the pine that the table in the ad had used.  Bruce gathered up all the pipes we needed and then we got the cypress from a house being torn down that had been built in the late 1800’s. We went with the 2in thick planks to make it a really sturdy and heavy table. I painted the pipes all black and then sanded down and stained the cypress a dark walnut…finished with Old Town Paints Clear Matte Finish….I’m loving this table…you can plop your feet right up on top and it doesn’t move an inch…and it’s big enough for everyone to sit around during the game with our drinks and snacks or to have family game night! LOVE this table!

Dimensions are 29×54



IMG_2842_fotor IMG_2843_fotor IMG_2864_fotor IMG_2890_fotor IMG_2926_fotor IMG_2927_fotor IMG_2930_fotor IMG_2933_fotor IMG_2935_fotor IMG_2939_fotorIMG_2937_fotor  

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